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FMA KINK MEME--LET THERE BE PORN [Jan. 31st, 2010|08:46 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
Idea stolen from ketsumetsu. Because it's a really good idea. (Original, for Bleach, found here. Also, a master list of the kink memes floating around can be found here.)

Please anonymously post a request or prompt for a dirty, filthy kinkfic. It can be your kink or a random kink you want to see. The prompt can be general or specific. Let's see some shit straight out of /d/. Anon post a prompt and anon post a response. The response can be a full fic, or it can be four sentences. You can respond with the baddest badfic ever made, but it'll be anonymous; I'll be deleting any obvious flames and trolling if I see them. Use this as an exercise to play with muses or poke at your writing skills.
(End copy pasta)

Riza, tentacle rape
Roy/Havoc, dog collar
Roy/Havoc, spanking
Ranfan/Winry, toys
Izumi/Ed, teacher/student
Roy/Lust, bondage (not in a bedroom)
Scar, tentacle rape
Greed/Envy, hermaphrodite
Lust/Sloth/Envy, bondage + tentacles + gangbang
Envy/Lust, genderswitch yuri
Winry/Rose, asphyxia
Ed/Winry, anal + mutual masturbation
Ed/anyone, piercing + auto-erotic asphyxia + cutting
Envy, Father Morello, Lust, or Sloth, execution scening + bloodplay + bagging
Dante, cutting + double-penetration
Sloth/Dante, heavy bondage + caning + penetration + foot worship
Young Pinako, SURPRISE
Pinako, dominatrix MILF
Roy/Riza, AB/DL + ageplay
Envy/Lust, forced cross-dressing + humiliation (public) + objectification
Ed/Al, 'loving' rape (no bondage)
Archer/Kimbley, bondage + gunkink + collar + D/s
Russel/Ed, toys
Greed/Ed/Al, bondage + bloodplay + armor
Ed/Riza, bondage
Dante/Hawkeye, rape
Ed/Winry/Riza, toys + exhibitionism
Nash/Russel, plant bondage
Magwar/Yoki, non-con
Al/Werewolf (Yaoi preferable)
Riza/Envy (disguised as Roy), non-con
Anyone/femme!Al, non-con
Archer/Kimblee, foot worship + tickling + bondage
Ed/Al/Roy, public rape + humiliation + bondage
Roy/Riza, AB/DL + ageplay
Winry/Sheska, (noisy?) library sex + voyeur
Greed/Lust, groping + oral + stones in naughty places


Note - I am going to be enforcing the "must have a kink to work" rule early. If the request is too tame, or has no kink at all, I'm going to be deleting it. Also, I'll be enforcing that the request must have a pairing of some sort (masturbation and object-rape-whatever will be allowed as well).

Note #2 - Please try to keep your requests to one per comment, so the meme isn't overflowed with requests. Also, try to write one response for at least once request. I'd like to keep the meme alive as long as possible, and I can't do that when there are no request responses. (Edited October 10th) Okay, since the small text wasn't enough to catch your attention, I'll repeat myself with something significantly larger - if you aren't willing to fill a request before you make one, then at least have the decency to stick with one request per comment. Requests of this nature are greedy and self-centered, and that's just not on. There is more requesting than there is writing, and that's why this died the first time around. This note will be the only warning you get, and if I find any comments with more than one request, I will delete them and continue to delete them should they be reposted.

Note #3 - For the sake of cleanliness and convenience, please post your response to a request as a response to the request itself. Fics will not be deleted if they aren't, because that would be uncool, but it makes it easier to reference everything.

Other rules and notes to be added as necessary.
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2009|03:24 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
Holy shit, unused journal is unused, and old fic idea is old. Seriously, started this thing almost a year ago, and just finished it last night. Not sure if it's laziness or disinterest.

Anyway. Have some Hidan!fic. :D

Fucking Damned Heathens
Running an organization is expensive. Thankfully, it's not too hard to become bestselling author.
Note: I really do apologize if either Hidan or Kakuzu sound out of character near the end. I found and finished this fic a year after I started it, and haven't been in the fandom for about that long. So I'm a bit out of practice.

Based on this conversationCollapse )

Which is based on this postCollapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2008|01:30 am]
傭兵 || Merc
Taken Characters and Reservations || Application
FAQ and The Like || Rules
Plottish Thing
This is a world where power is everything, and when it comes to power, you can't get higher than the King. But then, that's the problem: there's three of them.

There's King Rufus, who can't wait to control the world through fear, and drills deep into the planet in secret, wishing to harvest the raw, unimaginable power of the Lifestream.

And King Xemnas, who can't wait to get his heart back, and sends out his Nobodies, his Organization, to manipulate the people into giving away their hearts on command.

And then, of course, there's King Mickey, who doesn't understand why people can't just get along with each other.

But rumor has it there's an angry princess in hiding, waiting to strike back at the evil men who took her planet from her. Resistance factions form against each king for whatever reason, some aligned to this mysterious princess, some on their own side, all rallying the general public to join them.

Now. Where will you be?
Wait. What?
Aera Uprising is an AU Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts RP, based on the Middle Ages. More specifically, it's based on George R.R. Martin's series of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Does this mean you have to have read the books? Yes No. It's encouraged, because the books are amazing, but knowledge of them isn't necessary for this RP.

Basically? LJ needs moar medieval.

For me? D:?
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Fanthings [Mar. 4th, 2008|07:29 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
Some YuuGiOu icons and an A Song of Ice and Fire FST.

(FUCKING FINISHED HAHA :D) YuuGiOu Tarot setCollapse )

Mix contains spoilers for A Storm of Swords, some hidden better than others.
The coldest blood runs through my veins. You know my name.Collapse )
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Writer's Block: Sticks and Stones [Feb. 26th, 2008|05:49 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
[Tags|, ]

What's the meanest thing you've ever said to someone?

The problem with this question is that a person can say anything. The thing is to mean it.

That said, backstory time. My brother is an absolute douche-bag. He'd been on every kind of illegal drug since he was 16, and was an alcoholic besides. He's been sent to prison, halfway-houses, and mental institutions (for a severe case of schizophrenia and intermittent explosive disorder) at least once every two years for his entire life. He mooched from everyone he knew, and expected them to thank him for it. He was 25 when he got his first job, and was at the time still living with my dad (who's not his father, biologically, but I digress).

Recently, he got his wife pregnant, and quit drinking and drugs. Of course, he was still unemployed and broke at the time, though no one cared because he'd come "such a long way, and had changed so much." He again asked to move in with dad (somewhere around the beginning of December). My dad, being the world's worst pushover when it comes to the people he considers his family, accepted.

My brother hates dogs, and especially Doberman Pinschers (which is strange, considering); my father absolutely loves the breed, and has had one for about a year now. The dogs are nosy by nature and have a ridiculously strong sense of smell, so the dog was always in people's faces, sniffing and being curious. It's more endearing and funny than it is annoying.

Not so for my brother. He exploded on the dogs, ranted and raved about how the dogs shouldn't be in the house to begin with, and how they were always hassling him (as if they did it on purpose, or something).

I intervened, and that's when the shit hit the fan. My brother went off on this great tangent about how I was a spoiled brat, how the dogs were doing things to spite him, and how he's absolutely the most tortured soul in the world.

The meanest thing I've ever said, and meant it? "You expect everyone to kiss your ass because you've changed so much, because you're such a different person than the asshole you've always been. You haven't changed, Ray, you've only changed your hobbies. You're still the narrow-minded, immature, schizophrenic little boy you always were."
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2008|04:06 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
It is amazing how much better I feel having a boyfriend on Valentine's Day; this may be a serious first for me. XD Granted, I still loathe the holiday and all its would-be commercial appeal, but it's still nice to not be alone.


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Moar memes [Jan. 31st, 2008|05:50 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
Tagged by antisaints

► Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
► Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
► At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

More about me than you ever cared to knowCollapse )


And by kidouche

"IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine ... You're on my list, so I want to know you better!

My answers are here.

The questionsCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2008|01:25 am]
傭兵 || Merc
So, because of the ridiculous amount of nitpicking on the subject in fanficrants, I will no longer refer to it as "yaoi" (even though the term is kinda, y'know, fandom-general).

I'm going to refer to it as "two-guys-fucking". It's a noun. :Db

I'm feeling the inexplicable urge to get back into the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom. Anyone familiar with that fandom, feel free to request something, preferably anime/movieverse and preferably with the Sins (though Scar, Noa, the Devil's Nest crew, Izumi, and Dante would be good, too).
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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2008|06:51 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
I've decided that RPing is the best thing to happen to my writing since grammar. Why, you ask? Because for every proper RP I've been in, I've felt the need to fic, and that need usually comes to fruition (SasoIno, RufusLarxene, SasoKonan, etc.)

And now, I'd like to thank Unreal. Psycho!Dei!fic is a go. I just need to develop a Dei-muse, and we'll be all set. XD

Cut for psycho!Dei stuffs :DCollapse )

And F-list, if you'd like to share any victim-y, creepy muzaks, I'd love you long time. ♥
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Meme stolen from tesseninthesand [Dec. 30th, 2007|04:37 pm]
傭兵 || Merc
1. Go to Random Article on Wikipedia. The title will be the name of your band.

2. Go to Random Quotations on Wikiquotes. The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your album.

3. Go to Flickr and click on Last 7 Days Interesting. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

If you can, use Photoshop (or PSP or GIMP (the latter which is free) or any graphic editing software) to actually make the album cover by combining all the photo, portion of the quote, and artist name.

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